Hand Made Paper Flowers

We have come across many inspiring wedding backdrops over the years. Backdrops are perfect for gracing the walls of photo booths, dessert tables, behind sweetheart tables, dance floors, you could even say your vows in front of them! They are so beautiful!   Today, we’re introducing DeDe’s paper flower backdrops!  Hand crafted, these detailed paper flowers are individually pinned […]

DeDe’s Apple Crisp Recipe

Fall has come! The leaves have fallen down and it’s time to start wearing a jacket. The smell of fresh apple crisp baking in the oven might remind you of your mom, or grandma’s house. It has such a heavenly smell, almost as good as the crisp itself. Once cooked, it is absolute torture to […]

DeDe’s happy story

I have one son, his name is Yuuki. He has been living with his girl friend Katie for 2 years now. My parents are getting old; my father is 84 years old and my mother is 80 now. She has been on dialysis for 16 years. They sometimes ask me “When will Yuuki marry Katie? […]

Arkansas Marriage License

Hi Brides and Grooms, You can go any courthouse (County Clark Office) in AR for your marriage license. When you will have your ceremony in Rogers, and you are living in Fayetteville. You can go to the courthouse in Fayetteville. The two of you have to be present together when the license is issued. The […]

Wedding Dove Release!

Have you considered making a white dove release part of your wedding ceremony? There are several companies in the area that offer this service. Please check out the following White Dove Release Professionals. White Wings Loft Julie and Don Robins Julie: 479-544-3511 Don: 479-640-4278 Email WhiteWingLoft@aol.com Serving all of NW Arkansas and SW Missouri Noah’s […]

Event: Let’s make your own SUSHI

Very Good! You can use chopsticks Put rice on the seaweed (Nori). I made my SUSHI and it tasted good (Oishii–) Oh he is serious to make Norimaki Sushi and it’s difficult to cut it. This is fun!  I like making my Sushi. Sushi is so tasty. Pretty Good! Fun! Fun! Fun! and delicious. This […]