Fall in love with Sassafras Springs Vineyard

Katia and Brian who are living in Little Rock searched the website to find their wedding venue.  When they found “Sassafras Springs Vineyard” in Springdale, AR they felt it was a beautiful place to have their wedding.  Then they visited “Sassafras Sprigs Vineyard” and they fell in love with it.  They decided the venue to be their wedding and reception on November 16, 2016.  Katia and bridesmaids dressed up at the peacock room on the hill.  Chapel Ruins is an open air Chapel and very romantic setting for wedding.  Their guests enjoyed coffee and sweets after ceremony at the deck of Barn.  They had dry wedding (no alcohol) and everybody enjoyed dancing, Katia’s father asked DeDe to dance.  Katia and Brian had their sunset photos at the beautiful vineyard.  We are pleased to be a part of their wedding.  Congratulations and Thank you!

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