Adorable Proposal Idea


Natalie and Dustin got married on May 7th, 2016 at Barn at the Springs in Springdale, AR.  It was absolutely beautiful.

My wedding couple had a surprise idea at their wedding.   They wanted to give a chance for one of their groomsmen, Joe, to propose to his girlfriend Kaitlin.  Natalie and Dustin told me their idea before their rehearsal, so I added the idea into the wedding day itinerary.  Bridal party and the couple’s family knew the plan before the wedding.

During the reception, after their first dance, Natalie was holding her bouquet at the middle of dance floor.  DJ counted 1,2, 3,  and she pretended throwing her bouquet, and all single girls who waited to catch the bouquet said “Ah….”.  DJ counted 1,2, 3 again and this time Natalie walked toward Kaitlin, and gave the bouquet to Kaitlin.  Then Joe came up in the middle of the dance floor and he found Kaitlin among the single girls.  He showed his finger gesture “Come in front of me”.  Kaitlin was holding her hand on her face and tears in her eyes.  Joe was suddenly kneeling down and held a ring box in front of her.  Natalie and her bridesmaids also were in tears.  I knew my wedding couple have very good relationship with Joe and his girlfriend.   The guests were also happy they could share in this nice moment with Natalie and Dustin.



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