A Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day comes quickly this year - Sunday May 8!

A handmade gift is always the best, so make Mom something unique or do something special! There are all kinds of ways to make her feel great and happy. I think the best gift is spending a time with your mom.

IMG_0031My mother was a Japanese embroidery artist, called a “Sashiko” in Japan. She loves the colors indigo blue and white. Sashiko is typically a stitching with white thread on blue cotton fabric. She stitched her own original Sashiko patterns and found they worked well for making shirts, happi-coats, bags, hats, umbrellas, bed spreads, tapestries, Kimono, Obi and more. She used to have her own ”Sashiko” exhibition once every three years. Her items were very popular, and many people came to see them and discuss her technique. I still remember her last exhibition, in January 2011. I flew to Japan and helped her for two weeks!

Since 1993 when I relocated to the United States, I have not been able to celebrate Mother’s day with her, however, I think of her all the time and I enjoy talking with my parents via Skype three times a week. I wish I could celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother. I thought it would be fun to have a nice lunch in celebration of her and focus on her favorite colors.

I prepared all the food: egg/cucumber and tuna/lettuce sandwiches, Teriyaki chicken with green beans, marinated smoked salmon and mixed fruits. Oh, and the desserts! I picked blue and white porcelain and then for flowers, decided on white snapdragons, along with blue and pink bachelors buttons. The flowers were arranged in a gravy boat on two layered pedestal glass plates. This is a unique way to display your flowers and using several pedestals, you can create taller displays on your table. I went with vintage white embroidered linens and tablecloths, to really make the colors pop. I even found chair cushions that reminded me of my mother's sashiko! In the background are some handmade paper flowers hung in the trees.

There are two extra special things I brought to this table that I would like to tell you about:

DeDe-MothersDay2016-44_webFirst off, the blue and white plates are all my handmade plates (yes, handmade by me)! When I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for three years I took Benjarong glazing classes. Benjarong is a traditional form of Thai porcelain decoration which is delicately painted on by hand and is very detailed. Most patterns are symmetrical, based on geometrical designs. It is then finished with gold.

IMG_0396Secondly, have you heard of the flower called a, “Butterfly Pea”? I learned about butterfly pea flowers when I was in Thailand. They are small flowers, but their dark blue color caught my eyes. I had never seen that color flower before. One of my Thai friends told me you could use these flowers for drinks and food- dry them and make blue tea, make desserts and food with the blue liquid, or you can eat them as fresh flowers! She served cold butterfly tea for me. It was a magnificent blue liquid, and it was sweet. Butterfly pea flowers not only look beautiful and taste delicious, but they contain antioxidants as well. There is a neat trick too. The blue changes to purple after squeezing a bit of lemon juice in it. It’s a magical transformation! I made the beautiful blue drink you see by steeping the flowers. My mother sent the picture to the right of her butterfly pea flowers!

As always, if you need help decorating and planning an event or celebration, contact dede@ddeventsnwa.com.

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