A Dream Design Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day will be here soon! A special day like Valentine’s Day is about creating a romantic and relaxing mood for you and your loved one, feelings of ambiance and brightness! Simple flower arrangements, decorations and candles work perfectly to set the mood.

DeDe's backdrop for Valentines Day is new and stylish way to create more fun where you celebrate! The backdrop is beautiful, combing with red and pink handmade paper flowers, white sheer fabrics, crystal beaded curtains, and the words "LOVE" in a white frame. It's beautiful on its own, but add a few white candles in crystal vases, special plates, one big red rose, and macaroons (from your local pastry shop)…simple, amazing, and romantic!

You can rent these items from Dream Design Events LLC for your special Valentine's day. If you would like to have different colors or have special requests, we will accomodate you! Please check our website ddeventsnwa.com or contact at dede@ddeventsnwa.com

A Dream Design Valentine’s Day Slideshow

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