Hand Made Paper Flowers

We have come across many inspiring wedding backdrops over the years. Backdrops are perfect for gracing the walls of photo booths, dessert tables, behind sweetheart tables, dance floors, you could even say your vows in front of them! They are so beautiful!
Today, we're introducing DeDe's paper flower backdrops!  Hand crafted, these detailed paper flowers are individually pinned onto the drapes.  The combination of sheer fabrics and the crystal beaded curtains are just stunning with these paper flowers. DeDe Berger, our owner and designer of Dream Design Events LLC, made them herself! The backdrop is 10 feet wide by 12 feet tall, and it has about 50 handmade paper flowers layered on two white sheer fabrics and on the floor.  The variety of flower shapes and sizes gives it great depth and texture, and the lighting that’s shooting from back and above has a dramatic finish.  It took DeDe about 2 weeks to make the paper flowers.  A lot of it is creative improvising- cutting petals in different shapes and sizes,  folding papers (Origami technique), creating cores for flowers, and lots of gluing to finish each flower.  She used only white paper of various textures this time.  DeDe crafts these handmade flowers to match your color scheme and they can also be displayed on large board instead of using drapery.

DeDe offers craft classes for brides or for anyone interested in making these hand-made paper flowers backdrops themselves!

Please contact her at dede@ddeventsnwa.com if you are interested in taking her class.
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